How can I get in contact with someone if  I cannot find an answer to my question on the frequently asked question page?

To contact a customer service representative send an email  to contact@luxe901.com and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner. If applies, please have your order number. 

How do I proceed for any questions, compliments or complaints about my order?

We prefer to take all questions, compliments, or complaints via email contact@luxe901.com It will allow you to give full detail about your concerns, and allow us to have something to reference when addressing your concerns. 

What do I do if my tracking status says “delivered” but I haven’t received my package?

If your order says delivered and you did not receive it, please contact USPS/FEDEX and file a claim. We are not responsible for missing packages after USPS/FEDEX states it was delivered. 

What if I received my package but an item was missing?

We will open an investigation. First, we check with the person who packaged your order to make sure they checked the contents of your package with the packing slip which you should have a copy of with your package. Second, we then check inventory for an overage of the item. If step 1 & 2 show no discrepancies we conclude our investigation by suggesting you contact the carrier USPS/FEDEX.  If we find error in Step 1 and/or 2 during our investigation we will resend your item at no cost to you, and send you a discount code for your next purchase with us.